MIETrak PRO streamlines your operations across the entire work flow process.

The leading ERP software in its class MIETrak Pro is easy to install, use and implement. With many advanced and highly adaptable features it provides maximum efficiency with an immediate ROI. MIETrak Pro has the benefit of being both a server or cloud hosted software allowing you to choose the right option for your business. Also compatible with many different applications such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks as well as Ecommerce and Crm apps like Amazon And Salesforce. 

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Our ERP manufacturing software is an industry specific complete solution and incorporates: 


  • Log, track and produce accurate and consistent quotations
  • Assign estimators, view capture rates and attach documents
  • Create single and multilevel quotations


  • Enables an accurate and efficient order entry process
  • Electronic sales order import capabilities 
  • Provides traceability through the use of contract reviews


  • Ensures manufacturing control though out the entire workflow
  • Track live works orders, costs and current status
  • Allow Production and capacity planning


  • Ensures that supply meets demand for both manufactured and purchased parts
  • Plan based on firm and forecast orders
  • Enables all departments to make informed and efficient decisions 


  • Ability to purchase in multiple different ways
  • Manage purchase order requests and approvals
  • Buy for stock specific or combined jobs


  • Scheduling capabilities including backwards, APS and whiteboard options
  • ‘What if’ forecasting and comparisons
  • Considers machine, employee and purchasing lead times


  • Options include barcoding, Kiosk and MIE Warehouse
  • Real time and accurate date is readily available
  • Encourage a paperless environment


  • Create information for payroll, including holidays, sickness and attendance
  • Document training records, work history and certifications
  • Holiday calendars and personal time clock management


  • Create graphical representations of all KPIS required
  • Schedule automated emailed reports
  • User controlled report formatting


  • Dispatch orders with optional pick list and manifest capabilities 
  • Create invoices
  • Export data to third party software or use MIE Trak Pros own accounting module


  • Complaint with numerous accreditations 
  • Ability to control both internal and external quality process
  • Manage internal change requests and inspection requirements

PLUS MANY MORE! Once installed you can rest assured that our experienced team are always there for you with our training and support networks. Rated 4.7* out of 5 on Capterra review site.